Grandchildren, we hope that these stories will give you some insight into where you have come from. We have enjoyed putting them together, we will miss our regular Thursday morning get together, one has to stop somewhere, so we have ended here, we?ve put the photographs back in Mrs. Clement?s trunk and closed the lid on the owl box.

We would like to acknowledge the help given to us by many people over the past few months in bringing together these stories. Niall Hickey for his computer skills, time and dedication. Andrew Kealy for his editorial input. geraldine Hickey for her contributions and photographs. Caroline Hickey for her interest and photographs. Terry Emmerson for design work including the cover and Nora Hickey for help and guidance throughout.

We have available many reference documents, some listed below, which m ight have formed an appendix, however because of sheer volume we have decided not to include them.

– The diary of R.S. Hickey froim 1876 – Journey’s to India

– Jo Wade’s Folklore concerning the Hickey’s of Toughmon, given to us by Michael Conlon, Historian, Castlepollard

– The Netterville Family – More ‘gleanings’ by Harry C. Netterville Barron

– Burnchurch, Co. Kilkenny – Gleanings by Harry C. Netterville Barron

– Letter dated 20th November 1894 from Percy S Barron, Monk at Mount Mellery Monastery to Isabel Emaily Barron

– Elizabeth Hickey, the History Lady of Skryne – Primary school children’s project

– Complete list of papers of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Hickey given to the Library at Trinity College

– Tribute to Mrs. Elizabeth Hickey – Rathfeigh, Skryne, Tara, Newsletter 22/01/1999

– Tribute to Mrs. Elizabeth Hickey by Fr. Gerard Rice, Riocht na Midhe 1999

– Elizabeth Hickey, A Remarkable Woman – O’Mahony Journal No. 22, 1999

We would liked to have looked more at Robert S. Hickey?s (our grandfather) brothers and sisters. There were nine in all. Honey Vincent was a first cousin of our father and was the daughter of Blaney, we remember Honey coming to stay at Glasnevin. Another one of them married a member of the Hayes family of Crosshaven House, Crosshaven, Eoin and Nora called to them in the seventies.

We didn?t finish on ?Uncle Willie?, Reverend William Falkiner. When did he die, where is he buried, who did he marry and has he children?

We haven?t been in touch with our South African Barron cousins and so are not up to date with them. We wonder what brought separate families, Falkiners and Barrons, our cousins from Tipperary to Hollymount, Co. Mayo, where they intermarried. Are any of them still in Hollymount or indeed in Tipperary?

We?ll leave it to you to follow these up.

Eoin & Netta

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