The Pennycuicks and Sarah Farrell

Our grandmother was Agnes Pennycuick (1887-1948), her grandmother was Sarah Farrell (1820-1876), daughter of The Rev. James Farrell, Rector of Rathcline, Co. Longford and Scholar of T.C.D.. We treat extensively these families.

Sarah Farrell married Lt. Col. John Pennycuick C.B.,K.H. (1789-1849) at age fifteen, they had eleven children, the youngest of which was Edward Ducat Pennycuick, Treasurer of Ceylon, our mother’s grandfather. Sarah’s brother Rev. James Farrell became Dean of Adelaide (1849-1869)
John Pennycuick and his son Alexander both died in the Battle of Chillinwallah, Punjab in 1849. Sarah later erected a tombstone over their graves, she lived out her time in Grace and Favor apartments at Hampton Court Palace.

We go through all their lives in great detail (our mother had done much research) and have some good photographs as well as letters relating to the presentation at The Court of King George V. of our grandmother, Agnes Pennycuick in 1911 and of the appointment of Charles Edward Ducat Pennycuick to be a Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George in1901.

We also include a photograph and Christmas card from our grandmother’s first cousln, Sir John Pennycuick (1899-1982), Vice Chancellon to Royal Courts of Justice and also a grandson of Sarah Farrell.