The Pennycuicks and Sarah Farrell

Our grandmother was Agnes Pennycuick (1887-1948), her grandmother was Sarah Farrell (1820-1876), daughter of The Rev. James Farrell, Rector of Rathcline, Co. Longford and Scholar of T.C.D.. We treat extensively these families.

Sarah Farrell married Lt. Col. John Pennycuick C.B.,K.H. (1789-1849) at age fifteen, they had eleven children, the youngest of which was Edward Ducat Pennycuick, Treasurer of Ceylon, our mother’s grandfather. Sarah’s brother Rev. James Farrell became Dean of Adelaide (1849-1869)
John Pennycuick and his son Alexander both died in the Battle of Chillinwallah, Punjab in 1849. Sarah later erected a tombstone over their graves, she lived out her time in Grace and Favor apartments at Hampton Court Palace.

We go through all their lives in great detail (our mother had done much research) and have some good photographs as well as letters relating to the presentation at The Court of King George V. of our grandmother, Agnes Pennycuick in 1911 and of the appointment of Charles Edward Ducat Pennycuick to be a Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George in1901.

We also include a photograph and Christmas card from our grandmother’s first cousln, Sir John Pennycuick (1899-1982), Vice Chancellon to Royal Courts of Justice and also a grandson of Sarah Farrell.

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9 thoughts on “The Pennycuicks and Sarah Farrell

  1. I want to know about the descendants of Col John Pennycuick, younger son Of Brigadier General Pennycuick and Sarah Farell. Can anyone help?

    1. Hi,

      John?Pennycuick you refer to was born in 1841 and died in 1911 according to our archive. He was the second youngest of eleven children, the youngest Charles was my mothers grandfather. John’s son John was born in 1899, married in 1930 to Lucy Johnstone, died 1982. John became a judge in the UK and was knighted.

      It is great to hear from somebody with such great interest in the Pennycuicks, I would love to hear from you and to know what your connection is with John Pennycuick.?

      Eoin Hickey ??

      1. hello eoin
        my self santhana from south part of india(tamil nadu) i am doing study in university of chester at uk,at present im making biography about mr.john pennycuick if your interest please join with me it will make me happy
        looking forward to hear from you

        thanking you


      2. Dear Mr. Eoin Hickey,

        Allow me to introduce myself, I am Camilo Fernando, from Chennai, India. I am an Engineering Student currently doing my Master degree in Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

        It gives me great pleasure to finally come in contact with a relative of Colonel John Pennycuick, CSI. Sir Pennycuick is immortalised in Tamil Nadu state of India, for his historic engineering feat of constructing the masonry dam of Mullaiperiyar on the Periyar River, thereby turning a drought prone region into a fertile paradise. A Public Works Department office in Madurai is named after him, his statues adorn the district, his photos hang in shops, his birthday is observed by many farmers in the area and many children are still being named after him even today!

        On 16th January 2014, the Chief minister of the state, Ms. Jayalalitha, inaugurated a memorial for him in the district of Theni. For more information you can follow these links below: –


        On behalf of my people I convey my deepest gratitudes to you and your family members and to W. Stuart Sampson, great grandson of our hero!

        Thank you,
        With warm regards,
        Camilo Fernando

      3. Hello Eoin ,
        I am Pawan Khatana from Delhi ,
        I just want to salute sir John pennicuick for his great job towards humanity at that time .. With taking concern about problem S faced by others…
        I don’t belong to that state , today randomly was reading some thing abt Kerala thn dam further , important work by sir came , thn d difficulty , thn his selling of personal jewellery , it just made my eyes teared ,,
        It S been 4-1/5 hrs continuously reading abt all the info on net n finally I couldn’t stop myself frm replying to u n say thanks for on behalf of unknown to unknown but for great thought n grt work …
        Thank you once again.
        Pawan khatana (physiotherapist)
        Delhi (9717337363)

  2. Hi eoin
    I like to contact you to discuss about mr.john pennycuick can I have your contact details please

    Thanking you


  3. Hi Eoin,
    I am from Tamil Nadu, the southern part of India. The sacrifices by Col. John Pennycuick in building a dam across a river which flowed west, and diverted the water to east. Which gave millions of people a livelihood. Ours eyes filled with gratitude, and how we are going to repay him? I fell proud to hear about his descendant and convey warmest gratitude to you and the great grandson W. Stuart Sampson. Please convey my regards to him. Thanking you,

  4. Dear Eoin

    Im from Pune mahrastra India where Lt.ColPenny-cuik was born. Im an engineer. Im searching the birth place of Lt Col.Pennycuik in pune city. im seraching for british settlement of Pune in british india.

    I have great respect for his great historical contribution to Tamilians & Tamilnadu. Could you please tell where he was born in pune? i want to visit there and give him a tribute

    i need some of his photos and his biography. could any one please provide??

    i want to share and discuss about Lt Col.pennycuik. some shouldcome forward..

    we have great respect for Col.Pennycuik in tamilnadu


    KIndly reply to me

  5. Dear Eoin,
    I would like to thank you and your Ancestors for giving us a Person who sacrifice his carrier and of-course his life to us Engr.John Penny Cuik . A person who dont have any connection with us ,but did some thing for us,for our life time even more than that.. The Mullai Periyar Dam. Constructed by Engr.John Penny Cuik.
    I am a resident of the Land where the dam is situated.. There is no words to explain about Engr.John Penny Cuik.
    he is our god.. In Theni District in Tamilnadu-India,every home is having his Portrait. Engr.John Penny Cuik still lives our heart and mind….
    There is a saying in our land…. Neer irukkum varai neeveer iruppeer.. the meaning in English- You(Engr.John PennyCuik)Always with us till the last drop of water from the Dam …
    you can get the stories about Engr.John Penny Cuik in Google….

    finally i want to say congrats to you all for having a Ancestor like Engr.John Penny Cuik ..who is still living the people of Tamilnadu.

    Thank you very much….God bless you all…

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