“Dear Grandchildren” – The Hickeys, Malet-Wardens, Barrons, Falkiners, Pennycuicks, Woodheads and more are included in a collection of Family Stories and details of their life and times put together from an extensive archive of family photographs, letters, other material and from our own recollections.

Elizabeth Hickey

The book was completed in Ireland in 2010, by Eoin and Netta and copies given to family members and friends. We still have a few copies kept for further grandchildren and some relations and friends not yet contacted. We have decided not to put the entire book on the web site, it is quite extensive, running to some 130 large pages and there are 220 photographs and illustrations, many in full colour.

If there is anyone out there who does not have a copy and has a particular interest in any chapter, family, person or place we will be pleased to email them the relevant section.


Family members, friends and those interested please do send us your comments, we would love to hear of further stories, letters or photographs which are in existence and with your permission would be pleased to include them on this site.

You can email us at info@deargrandchildren.org.


Family Stories