The Malet-Wardens and deCarterets

In Dear Grandchildren here we write about our grandfather, Edward Cecil Malet-Warden (1887-1964), his natural father Col. Edward Malet deCarteret, Seigneur of St. Ouen, Jersey, his mother well known actress Annie Husband. Annie was either a cousin or niece of Sir Henry Royce of Rolls Royce. Annie Husband married Arthur Warden who as a Naval Commander won the Albert Medal in 1916.

Edward Cecil’s first married Agnes Pennycuick, they had four children; our Mother Elizabeth (Hickey), Charles Malet -Warden, Bryda (Woodruff), and Hamish Malet-Warden. Edward later married Karita Maria daughter of Admiral Cezar Bielich, Peruvian Navy and they had three children; Teddy Malet-Warden living in Australia, Tracy Malet-Warden and Wendy (Cairns) both living in England..
We include a large collection of photographs, copies of letters and records.