Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Childhood at Skryne Castle
3. Elizabeth Hickey – The Early Years
4. The Hickeys
– Noel Sydney Hickey
– Robert Sydney Hickey
– Thomas and John Hickey
5. The Malet-Wardens and deCarterets
– Hamish Malet-Warden
6. Elizabeth Hickey ? The Middle Years
– The Teaching Years
– Tape Regordings made mostly in the mid 1960s
– Derrygooney
7. Robin, Peter, Eoin, Netta and Caroline
– Robin and Peter – The Twins
– Eoin and Netta ? yours truly
– Caroline Hickey
8. The Pennicuiks and Sarah Farrell
– Lieutenant-Colonel J. Pennicuick C.B. K.H. and his son Alexander
– Sarah Farrell ? The Irish Connection
– Sir John Pennycuick
9. Elizabeth Hickey ? Writing, Publishing, History, Archaeology
10. Cousin Esther: Ether O?Grady, the Woodheads and Clements
– Tape Recording of Esther O’Grady
11. The Barrons, the Falkiners and the Nettervilles
12. Elizabeth Hickey – The Latter Years
13. Epilogue

3 thoughts on “Table of Contents

  1. I am trying to put together a coherant genealogy for John Pennycuick 1841-1911. The man who built the Mullaperiyar dam, apparently with some of his own money. He is as you know greatly revered in Tamil Nadu India, and when last there, on a visit to folk in Chennai, I was taken to Kerala, and saw the full size figure and shrine commemorating his work. Any help you could give with his parents birth marriage and full names of the 11 children would be appreciated. Sincerely william

  2. Hi,

    I was just going through your website as I have been tasked with gathering historical information about Skryne Castle.

    We currently occupy the castle at the moment and have now refurbished the castle and are available to book for weddings.

    We are trying to put together a booklet of the castles history and wondered if you could provide me with any information.

    Kind regards,

    Lyndsey O’Connell

  3. I was reading the comments about O’Connell’s Pub at Skryne and it brought back fond memories. In 2004 I arrived in the area on a bicycle with camping gear, to perform a 3 week folklore research project in Co. Cavan. Skryne was my rest stop from the airport on the first day. I was exhausted, cold, and tired. Mrs. O’Connell served me a pint and some food that afternoon as I sat at the little bar right in front of the entrance. I met two local people with whom I spent the remainder of the night very pleasantly. Mrs. O’Connell must have thought I was looking exhausted, because she kept offering me food. That night she told me to set up my tent in her backyard, and in the morning her son brought out breakfast on a tray. I they wouldn’t take any money, and I remain in their debt. I return to O’Connells ever few years on my bicycle as I renew my folklore research in Cavan, but sadly I would not meet Mrs. O’Connell again after that. But you are not forgotten.

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