Robert Sydney Hickey

A special thank you to Cathal Hickey who has put a huge amount of work into transcribing and making interactive the diary of Robert Sydney Hickey. It makes for a very interesting read and the links add great context to the diary.

Robert’s diary remains in the family in the original form of his leather bound diary.  What follows is mostly my transcription from the diary and I relied heavily on the work that Robin Hickey had done years previously.  I have enhanced the text somewhat by adding hyperlinks, which you will see highlighted in blue. If you press Ctrl and click the link it will take you to further information on the internet or You Tube.  I have tried to locate all place names in the text but due to antiquity, poor spelling and the rurality of these indigo stations, this was not always possible.  I have made no changes to the text and it remains mostly as is presented in the diary.  There were several words that neither Robin nor I were able to decipher but I will leave that to any amateur historical sleuths that may follow.Cathal Hickey

Click here to read Robert Sydney Hickey’s Diary

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