Latest residents at Skryne Castle

I was delighted to hear from our successors at Skryne Castle and have been in touch with them. Below is a copy of the email I received this week.


“If there is anyone out there who does not have a copy and has a particular interest in any chapter, family, person or place we will be pleased to email them the relevant section.”

Good evening, and congratulation for your website and (re)collection work!

We have a definite interest in the chapter related to Skryne castle, as we have been living there for the last seven years, with our four children….

We did receive you, the Hickeys siblings – was it six years ago (although I have to admit I cannot remember if you were part of the lot, Eoin)? Together with Marie Wilkinson, for a tour of the castle, once renovated. You enchanted us with your stories (about the cold place it was, the big wheel to pump up the water, the green tennis court, and more…)

We would love to read more about this place (so close to our heart) and its previous life, and admire the pictures (like the one on your website!). We are not part of the family, but feel that you definitely share something essential with our children: childhood memories…

In the hope that you will grant us access to this part of your work,

Best regards,

Beno?t and Sophie

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