Letter from Tomas Moffett

Dear Mr Hickey,

Very many thanks for the copy of Dear Grandchildren.

From reading it, it?s obvious that the late Mrs Elizabeth Hickey was ?a woman for all seasons?, a lady who ?as Gaeilge? could be very aptly described as ?bean uasal, ildanach?.

And the account that yourself and your sister Netta give of her life and times and enthusiasms and family connections is very informative and entertaining, even if the reader isn?t related to Mrs Hickey or to any of the colourful characters encountered in the text.

The inclusion of so many family photographs adds great interest to the book, and although it was obviously written for your own grandchildren as an introduction to the history of their family, it deserves to find a much wider readership, just as the many achievements of the late Mrs Elizabeth Hickey deserve to be remembered and acknowledged.

Again many thanks.

Wishing you and your family all the very best.
Tomas Moffett

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