This year the Rathfeigh and District Historical Society held a local history competition asking entrants to submit up to 10,000 words about the local area and it’s history.

Congratulations to Eoin Hickey who was awarded first prize at the Hill of Tara on 28th June 2016.

Below is a link to Eoin’s winning entry.

Growing Up In Skryne

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One thought on “Growing Up in Skryne

  1. Well Eoin, I haven’t read anything that brought back so many happy memories to me, because your very descriptive and may I say well written narrative mirrored my own childhood to a certain extent. My Uncle Jack Lynch had the land in Tara rented until they started excavations there in the fifties. We used to walk cattle from the Riggins to Tara on many occasions because our summers were spent in Painstown with Aunt Annie and Uncle Jack and our cousins, who we are still very close to. You mentioned Charlie Haughey and I can confirm that it was a donkey he rode to school, because My Aunt Annie(Lynch) taught him and told us a few stories about him. She also taught me all my brothers and my sister. Anyway Eoin thank you for sharing your memories with me and I would love to see you revisiting your narrative, expanding it and look at publishing it. Take care.
    Kindest Regards

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