Childhood at Skryne Castle

In this chapter we write about our – Robin, Peter, Eoin, Netta and Caroline Hickey – our upbringing at Skryne Castle in Tara, Co. Meath which lasted from 1948 until about 1960.

We cover work and play, winters and summers, neighbours – the Oakes and O’Connell children and the many children who came to stay like the Shanahans, children of Desmond and Mrs Shanahan who were caught up with Dr. Paul Singer in the stamp auctions affair. We remember our school days at Skryne National School, The High School, The Kings Hospital, The Grammer School, Drogheda, Perston School, Navan and St Martha’s College Navan and we include a good selection of photographs.

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6 thoughts on “Childhood at Skryne Castle

  1. Christmas memories of Supper at Skryne Castle

    I have many fond memories of our trips to Skryne Castle each year around Christmas time for Supper with Granny Elizabeth. It was always wonderfully predictable, each year more or less the same…. We arrive on a cold December Sunday afternoon around 5pm, driving up the avenue in the complete dark, stopping beside dozens of barking dogs. We fight over who will ring the bell. Granny Elizabeth greets us wearing her big woolly cardigan and fingerless gloves while instructing the dogs to ‘shut up and get inside’.. I can still smell the cold musty air in the hallway.. We retreat upstairs to the warmth of the Drawing room where we all huddle beside the fire, none of us daring to take our coats off. Here we have a hot mulled wine and chat to Granny about her latest adventures and fill her in on ours. Supper was always served downstairs in the big dining room where another fire was lighting. However, we still do not dare to take our coats off. It was usually when just seated in the Dining room and Granny was gone to make the tea that we (children) take turns in blowing our breath into the air to monitor how cold it really is in the castle. We giggle at our efforts until one nudges the others that Granny is returning.. We delve into a feast of breads, jams, cheese, cakes and lots of other delicious home made treats while gulping down cup after cup of hot tea to keep warm. In my mind I can clearly see us all sitting around the table as if it was just yesterday. As supper comes to an end we swap Christmas presents which as always are wrapped in white crepe paper with red string tied in a cross and always include something interesting and thoughtful for each of us. We say our goodbyes and start our journey home in the cold dark night while listening to our father tell us stories of growing up in a Castle…..

    I am very grateful for these wonderful memories of visiting Skryne Castle and for the memories of an extraordinary women whom I am proud to call my Grandmother.

  2. What a wonderful website. Such a great way to share memories.

    The following may be of interest to those connected with Skryne Castle.

    My great great great grandfather lived in Skreen Castle for a period of time. His death notices (more than one) say “On Sunday, the 23rd instant, at Sandymount, in the 85th year of his age, John Payne Morris, formerly of Skreen Castle, in the county of Meath, Esq” from the Cork Examiner dated 28 October 1864. Therefore he was born in 1779, where I do not know, perhaps Skreen Castle? He with his wife and son are buried in Mt Jerome cemetery, Dublin

    His son William Henry Morris, born 1820 and his wife Susan Wallace Morris (nee Russell [ex Russell & Croaker families from Limerick]) and their four sons left for New Zealand in the 1870 from Dublin.

    John was also involved in the Irish School for the Deaf with his son (John T. Morris) working there in Navan.

    John also wrote two books, one a religious genealogy book, The Genealogies recorded in the Sacred Scriptures according to every Family and Tribe. He also worked for the Poor Law Commissions in 1844.

    We visited Skryne Castle May this year and the young lady Daughter?) living there allowed me to take some photos. It would be nice to know if anyone else knew anything further of people living at Skryne Castle in the early 1800s.

    Regards – Chris Morris (Please feel free to email me as per above)

  3. We have just returned from an interesting trip to Kilmaine & Hollymount, Co. Mayo – where Dr. GE Barron & Nannie Sydney Falkiner married. Also, where Richard Daniel Falkiner was Rector, in both parishes. We visited both Churches and their graveyards, all of which are in ruins – where many of our ancestors are buried. We discovered some new information and are working on piecing it together into the family tree. More to follow……

  4. Hello all,
    I must admit I felt some tears coming out of my eyes as I read this as I had being living in skryne castle from 2003 until last year. I will never ever forget that magical place.. And I think that everyone who has being through that house feels the same…

  5. I recently returned from California, and now live In the beautifull Courtyard of Skryne Castle. I’m now heading for my Eighty,th birthday. As a boy I used to cross the fields of the Castle to get to School in Skryne.
    When Maureen my wife and I were planning our Wedding we actually looked at the Castle then accupied by Mrs Hicky as a place for our Wedding reception. It turned out Mrs Hicky was remodelling the Castle and was not just ready to start catering for Weddings so we then decided to book the old White Horse Hotel in Drogheda.
    Now the Wheel has gone the full circle and I’m here enjoying my Retirement in my snug little Townhouse in the Castle Courtyard.
    Lots of changes in those years, my good Wife has passed on but left me with Four lovely kids and Eight Grand Kids all happy and healthy.
    A wonderfull life, from going across the Castle fields in my bare feet to School to now retired in the Gorgeous Castle Courtyard.
    ( Memory,s ) Eamonn Powderly.

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