Thomas & John Hickey

Thomas Hickey, Artist (1741-1824) was our great x 3 uncle. He is probably best known in Ireland for his many portraits which hang in the National Gallery. including; ‘Two Children’, probably his daughters and ‘India’ – Indian bibi Jemanee. He painted Robert Emmet and his portrait of IV Vicount Towshend hangs in the drawing room of The Mansion House in Dublin. We write about his upbringing in Dublin and his time spent in India and in China.

We feature Thomas’ brother, John Hickey, Sculptor (1756-1795) and include a photograph of one of his finest works – the marble monument to David La Touche in Delgany, Church of Ireland, Church. According to George Breeze in ‘Thomas Hickey and Ireland’ John died young “on account of his intemperate habits”

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