Esther O’Grady, The Woodheads and Clements

We have, passed on to us by our mother, Elizabeth Hickey, a huge collection of photographs and letters of the Woodhead family from Brighton. Our mother’s grandmother was Clementina Woodhead and Esther O’Grady’s mother was Margaret Woodhead. Another sister was Grace Eyre Woodhead (1864-1936) founder of The Brighton Guardianship Society. Other sisters were Mary Josephine, Maud Helena, Ada Constance, Amy Christina, Edith and Hilda Woodhead.

There two brothers were, Henry Comber (1851-1933) and Thomas Wandesford (b1854) affectionately known as Wombey. Wombey took his name from his great, great, great grandfather Sir Christipher Wandesforde (1592-1640) Lord Deputy of Ireland and the builder of Castlecomber House, Co Kilkenny. Wombie’s son Henry (H.G.W.) Woodhead (1883-1959) the noted journalist and author in China affairs.

The Father of all these Woodheads was Captain Henry Joseph P. Woodhead (1820-1903) and their mother, Emily Clements daughter of Rev. James Crook Clements.
Tape Recording Of Esther O’Grady:
In 1966 our mother, Elizabeth Hickey, made a tape recording with her cousin Esther O’Grady at Esther’s home, Holloden Bagnalstown Co. Carlow. Esther, nee Vigors, talks at length about her childhood at Carlow and Brighton, the Woodhead family, her husband, Standish O’Grady, her children, Gerald (The) O’Grady of Kilballyowen, Phillip O’Grady of Askeaton and Faith O’Grady of Holloden.

Esther also talks about Mrs. Cholmondley-Clark her friend who was an aunt of Lady Synolda Dillon, wife of Sir Robert Dillon of Lismullen, Tara our mother’s good friend and neighbour and Sir Robert was Caroline’s Godfather.

We include many photographs including some well documented from our Woodhead archive.

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