The Barrons, Falkiners and Nettervilles

Our paternal grandmother was Isabel Barron. Her father was Dr. Gerald Barron of Hollymount, Co. Mayo and Ascot. Isabel’s mother was Nannie Sydney Falkiner and her uncle was Rev. William Falkiner M.A., M.R.I.A. (b1847), “Uncle Willie”, sometime rector of Killucan and Kilmessan.

Dr. Gerald Barron was the son of John Netterville Barron of Ballydavid, Co. Tipperary and his grandfather was the notorious Nicholas, 5th Viscount Netterville (b1708) .

Isabel’s sister Ethel Barron married Richard Fairclough and brought up their family in South Africa. Brothers Richard Barron and Harold Barron also went to South Africa and Harold’s son Patrick Barron (Paddy) (1911 – 1991) became Bishop of George, near Capetown.

We include Barron and Falkiner pedigrees and have some wonderful Netterville stories.

The Falkiners, originally from Mount Falcon, Borrisakane, Co Tipperary. The Barron’s came from Ballydavid, Co. Tipperary. What brought these two families to Hollymount Co.Mayo where Dr. Gerald Barron married Nannie Sydney Falkiner?. We leave this to the next generation to follow up.

We include a collection of photographs, letters and an extract from a long letter from Percy Barron, Monk at Mount Melleray Abbey, Cappaquin to his niece, our grand mother, Isabel Barron dated November 20th 1894.

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