Dear Nora, dear Eoin,
I’m?not?sure if you?remember?me.?I learned to play?golf?in?Finnstown?the time when?you had?just bought?the house?and?began to bulld?the golf course. Actually, I had to take the first lessons at the Hermitage, where Dave Daly was pro at that time..
This?year?I have started?to play golf?again (in Denmark,?where I?currently?work?often),?and?have gathered some?old?scorecards.?In this context, and in memory of my?visits?to Finnstown House,?I visited?the?website.?There I?had to find that?the house is?sold.?In?Google Earth?I could see?that the golf course?no longer exists.
I associate?with this House?so many great memories.?Not only my?first tees?in the pouring rain, or the squirrels and rabbits I hit,?but also good food?and?late nights?in the bar or at the fireplace.
The beautiful?crystal glass, which I received?from you?as a gift, is still?in my?glass cabinet.
I hope this email finds you well and you enjoy life.
With kind regards

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